AgiLevel dimensional dynamic is a tool to help you analyze and determine the most reasonable strategy to improve organizational agility. It identifies the areas that may require special attention and prioritizes improvement actions. It is presented as a gamified dynamic to facilitate communication and understanding, and to engage the company members in the process, as people from each analyzed area or department have to participate. Together, they evaluate the current state of the company and the expected changes from each perspective (operational, cultural, and structural dimensions). 


As a result, you will obtain a global diagnosis of the organization, including partial judgments for each agile principle and value. 

You will also identify the main impediments that can hinder improvement actions, to know what areas will be easier and quicker to transform, and which ones will require special attention.

Another benefit that we have observed is that this dynamic helps to foresee the implications of each change, both in the company's operations and in its culture and structure. It reveals which actions could lead to conflict instead of solutions.

With all of this information, you can design a strategy that is reasonable for your organization as it is today. 

AgiLevel is based on the principles behind Scrum Manager® and Scrum Level®, with a practical approach from the experience of consultants and coaches.

These materials can be used as a consultancy tool and a gamified dynamic for agility workshops. If you plan to use it for commercial purposes, please reach out to us to get a commercial license.


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