Identify which company areas are stuck,
but willing to change

The diagnostics tool for agile scaling

Each company is different, and so should be each transformation strategy.

AgiLevel isn't an agile scaling solution, nor a step-by-step guide; it's a tool with which you can easily identify areas with high transformation potential, to guide your efforts. To focus time and resources where they'll have a higher impact.

It's a coaching tool that can also be used in workshops and courses about organizational agility, based on Scrum Level®'s model.

Information you'll get:

  • Partial assessments of agile principles and values, as perceived by the people in the organization.
  • Impediments that could hinder the transformation.

Underlying theory

Any company's culture, structure, and operations are interconnected.

AgiLevel helps to understand and become aware of these connections, to anticipate which changes could cause problems, at least given the current circumstances in the company.

Previous knowledge:

Scrum Master. Basic information that every scrum master or member of an agile team should know.

Scrum Level. It goes deeper into agile scaling theory and organizational culture.

AgiLevel helps apply this knowledge to the reality of each company.

Download the last version

License CC BY-NC-ND | Free (limited) use for self-training

ZIP file containing slides, worksheets and usage guide.

Use and licensing

Free use for non-profit initiatives

AgiLevel can be freely used and distributed for learning and self-training purposes.

Commercial licenses

You can get a for-profit AgiLevel license:

  • Collaborating with Scrum Manager's community.
  • Paying royalties for its use.
  • You may request a license at > Members area > Professional area > License.